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1. 25 Back Then by lauren christy

  • Published: Unknown
25 Back Then

back then What I need is Jean Picard To teach my how to fly Get to meet whatever's up there Watching from the sky Bring back a new cigarette That doesn't make you die Don't want a super highway Just want a super high Sometime I I wish that I was 25 back then...

2. Back Then by skepta

  • Published: Unknown
Back Then

Back then...

3. 25 by amin

  • Published: Unknown

back to school Cause she lost her job Takin 25 credits just to get some leverage Payin $2, 500 every damn semester Professors never recognize her Always skippin class cause nobody taught her manners Then she heads home unlike a vagabond Evicted like her ex's dick is never let her back...

4. 25 Lighters by z ro

  • Published: Unknown
25 Lighters

then go work out And after that you it's time to pull the purp out And I'm a roll one then I'm a smoke one And I'm a roll one then I'm a smoke one And I'm a roll one then...

5. 1:25 by dom kennedy

  • Published: Unknown


6. 25 To Life by the game

  • Published: Unknown
25 To Life


7. Potion Number 25 by the underachievers

  • Published: Unknown
Potion Number 25

then you know me well If we take a hit of sea then...

8. Another 70 Bars (I'm Back) by lloyd banks

  • Published: Unknown
Another 70 Bars (I'm Back)

Back It's your nigga BANKS Verse 30 deep or on own your still a victim 5 niggas with me and then...

9. Now Ya In & Then Ya Gone by kurupt

  • Published: Unknown
Now Ya In & Then Ya Gone

then ya gone See this is that type of bullshit you’re on Playing a game of chess then I am the pawn Every night put me down I wake up in the morning Refresh my mind get back on the line I gotta get stacks and get back...

10. Last Call by kanye west

  • Published: Unknown
Last Call

back next year with the whole fucking game Ain't nobody expect Kanye to end up on top They expected that College Dropout to drop and then flop Then...

11. Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) by dead prez

  • Published: Unknown
Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)

back then get the cash Yea get a friend and then...

12. Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) (Remix) by dead prez

  • Published: Unknown
Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)  (Remix)

back then get the cash Yeah get a friend and then...

13. Birds N Bars by wiley

  • Published: Unknown
Birds N Bars

Back in the days I didn't have any dough I was not Wiley I didn't have any flow now I can do it I don't need to try I can do it I done it already bro Back...

14. Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part I by frank zappa

  • Published: Unknown
Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part I

Then she came out here work on the Woodstock festival Ray What are you doing with that chicken Carl And then uh then . . . Ray I was measuring the ball Carl Then...

15. Over & Over by kano

  • Published: Unknown
Over & Over

back an forth chiefs backing tools thinking they are street black and cool lying acting fraud married to the street and then sign that divorce A cheap bottle of wine then I pulled the same ting I pulled last time that's a fool Back...

16. King Kunta by kendrick lamar

  • Published: Unknown
King Kunta


17. 1Xtra Westwood Freestyle by skepta

  • Published: Unknown
1Xtra Westwood Freestyle

back then flew in My mum knows what I'm doing And deep down I know she's screwing I fell asleep with 13 scores in my mouth Had a dream about chicken and chips Like an eedyat I started chewing Woke up started spewing Thinking when is all this gonna end I had to open them up then...

18. I'm A Go And Get My.. by busta rhymes

  • Published: Unknown
I'm A Go And Get My..

then after we finish beatin on him now he know we ain't playin That's when he walked away sayin Chorus X2 I'm a go and get my 25 over on 27th Be back in 13 minutes or either 20 Get back...

19. 25th Song by starlito

  • Published: Unknown
25th Song

back No I ain't have no patience then...

20. Forced To Do Dirt by ice t

  • Published: Unknown
Forced To Do Dirt

Then the place gets flat and then I'm out the back...