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1. 3:45 by amin

  • Published: Unknown

Rollin' through my city like 3: 45 Got a text from a bad chick with a rise Said she from the valley and she live in the hills Now shawty wanna ride cause she livin for the thrill Rollin' through my city like 3: 45 Shawty wanna act like she don't know...

2. M.I.A by the game

  • Published: Unknown

[Chorus:] I keep 3 heats on me: 45, glock and a gauge. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and D-Wade. Any nigga try to stunt, get sprayed. What happened to the body? Nigga M.I.A. [Verse 1:] Swear a nigga stunting but I do this every day. Had them hoes bouncing...

3. 45 Scientific by booba

  • Published: Unknown
45 Scientific

Tanpis si les mains sont sales Pour que les nike air sont propres [Booba:] Chaque jour c'est pour faire du biff, mettre a l'abri la miff C'est la mienne que tu sniff, 9.2 izi fait la diff 45 scientific, creer grace au hachiche A chaque ceaux mor, c'e...

4. 45 by elvis costello

  • Published: Unknown

Bells are chiming for victory There's a page back in history 45 They came back to the world that they fought for Didn't turn out just like they thought 45 [Chorus:] Here is a song to sing to do the measuring What did you lose? What did you gain? What...

5. 45's, Choppaz & 9's by dem franchize boyz

  • Published: Unknown
45's, Choppaz & 9's

[Verse 1] A yeah nigga motherfuckin franchize in this bitch. Franchize records. Nigga pop in that motherfuckin door like we ain’t gon do shit. We don’t do no motherfuckin fights. Chizaman Triggerman. Know that chop up motherfucker. Yeah oh my. Buddy ...

6. 45 Minutes by dark lotus

  • Published: Unknown
45 Minutes

[Intro:] 45 minutes He hung there alive For 45 minutes And then he died [Verse 1 - Violent J:] The preacher gave his sermon Told folks to kill that vermin Trap door dropped open, the rope snapped tight But still he up there squirmin' Alive, hangin' i...

7. 45 Caliber Raps by andre nickatina

  • Published: Unknown
45 Caliber Raps

[Verse 1:] It's an art, swing your bat like jack clark. Catch me after dark hittin richmond on bart. Raise the curtian, night club dweller straight flirtin, but be up with the roosters when the birds start chirpin. Show shocker, love sea food and red...

8. Girls On 45 Megamix by girls aloud

  • Published: Unknown
Girls On 45 Megamix

Ride a horse, sail a boat, drive your car along the road Fly away, in the style walk and never doubt Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t forget no, no, no Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t forget oh no, no, no The stars on 45 keeping on turning in your...

9. John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 by keith urban

  • Published: Unknown
John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16

I'm a 45 spinning on an old Victrola I'm a two strike swinger, I'm a Pepsi Cola I'm a blue jean quarterback saying "I love you" to the prom queen In a Chevy I'm John Wayne, Superman, California I'm a Kris Kristofferson Sunday morning I'm a mom and da...

10. 3:42 AM (Writer's Block) by mercyme

  • Published: Unknown
3:42 AM (Writer's Block)

3:41 AM, make that 3:42 Time just keeps rolling on while I'm here stuck like glue So many things cross my mind But nothing stays awhile, so frustrating I just wanna say something worth while, speak through me Say, say what You wanna say, and say it l...

11. War At 33 1/3 by public enemy

  • Published: Unknown
War At 33 1/3

War at 33 1/3 Haven't you heard I got quick and clever At the level of a scientist With this list my fist pumps chumps And don't miss Sorry majority grudgin' against the enemy And any other nigger wit an attitude see And any other rapper whose a brot...

12. We Do It For Fun Pt.3 by tha joker

  • Published: Unknown
We Do It For Fun Pt.3

My flows authentic they don't listen to knock off Juss the otha day big block took joc off flavor said Fuck it and took his clock off same day hova lost It cut tha roc off now this is will be tha same day that I take A L and later on that night it wa...

13. XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher - Part 3 by meek mill big k r i t fred the godson

  • Published: Unknown
XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher - Part 3

[Meek Mill:] Yeah I stay shiny, mind clear, with the jewels drippin' off em She say I be killin' em I say get a coffin Stuntin' I be often They like "What it cost him?" Whole team full of green, you would think we Boston Spalding, Ballin' Flow be on ...

14. The 3 Lyrical Ps by sean price

  • Published: Unknown
The 3 Lyrical Ps

[Sean Price:] Yeah, P! (La musica de Harry Fraud) I could tell by your beard you don't love Allah You got the Bryant Gumbel face It go, waste removal, we dispose brothers Embarrassing the family, Keyshia Cole mother Man down, stand down, blam rounds ...

15. I Bet by tlc

  • Published: Unknown
I Bet

I (I want to change my number) Cuz you (you steady call my number) Cuz you Want everyone to think that (you’re so over me) But I (I know I got you open) And you (I know you probably hoping) That we (can maybe get together) That’s something I can’t se...

16. And Then What by young jeezy

  • Published: Unknown
And Then What

First I'm going to stack my flow Then I'm going to stack some more Close shop then I do my count Hide the rest of the yams at my auntie house Get fresh and jump in one of them cars Hit the club and get one of them broads It's a wrap we on the way to ...

17. Yoncé / Partition by beyonce knowles

  • Published: Unknown
Yoncé / Partition

[Verse 1:] See me up in the club with 50-leven girls Posted in the back diamond fangs in my grill Brooklyn brim with my eyes sittin' low Every boy in here with me got that smoke And every girl in here gotta look me up and down All on Instagram, cake ...

18. Talking All Night by hall oates

  • Published: Unknown
Talking All Night

Ain't it funny I'm tied to the magic of your caress Ain't it lovely how we fit together Girl you're the best It seems like we've been talking forever Words & Wine We've been lost in time Touching emotions I used to hide Too deep inside 12:45 quarter ...

19. Tryna Make A Jug by gorilla zoe

  • Published: Unknown
Tryna Make A Jug

[Intro: Gorilla Zoe] Phone ringing off the hook; Gotta get my ass up, scale and some bags; Couple pounds, gotta weigh it up, Work, work, we can work it out, If you don't like the mid, then come and kush it out, Meet me at the trap, yeah it's going do...

20. All The Time by birdman

  • Published: Unknown
All The Time

[Chorus] Nigga I'mma stunt, yeah I'mma shine, Grind all the time with this money on my mind, Gun in my hand nigga roll extra clips 45 Mac 11's all chrome shit. Nigga I'mma a hundred and I ride big time 26, 28's, Nigga stay fly, Keep extra clips, full...