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1. 69 (Remix) by anuel aa

  • Published: Unknown
69 (Remix)

La maquina ya esta ready pa' salir pa' la carretera La baby baby me llama que ya esta esperandome afuera Que solo conmigo le gusta aser la 69 Que le prenda de criptina y la martille cuando llueve Cuando que se duerman los nene vamos hacer la 69 Pa' l...

2. Time After Time (Remix) by inoj

  • Published: Unknown
Time After Time (Remix)


3. 69 by ozuna

  • Published: Unknown


4. Me U & Hennessey (Remix) by dej loaf

  • Published: Unknown
Me U & Hennessey (Remix)

Can we stay home tonight? Try something new tonight? This drink got me feelin' right I'm 'bout to lose my mind U, Me, & Hennessy, look what you did to me Fuckin' so crazy, you twirlin' and spinnin' me My head keep on spinnin', my legs keep on shakin'...

5. Type Of Way (MEGA Remix) by rich homie quan

  • Published: Unknown
Type Of Way (MEGA Remix)

[Verse 1: Jeezy] Cut the tens, fold the twenty's Stack the fifty's, stack the hundreds Real talk, oh God gettin' paper The bullshit gon' stop when my new album drop Oh God silence all of you haters My life's a video, I change clothes 'bout three time...

6. Michael Knight (Remix) by curren y

  • Published: Unknown
Michael Knight (Remix)

[Intro:] Uh Scoo do do do do do do Racecars and Weed Jars Nigga [Verse 1:] I got a style for every bump in ya face, Greaseball ass nigga, Pontiac Judge Open and Shut Case You Know, I'm bowtied till I die Though I made an exception for the '69, so qui...

7. Something Good (Pimp C's Remix) by ugk

  • Published: Unknown
Something Good (Pimp C's Remix)

[Verse 1: Pimp C] One with a trigger, two with a bat Three big brothers four Wanna squal with me, so I guess a brother gotta throw Tell 'em like this ya better get up out my camp dude Before I have to pull a gat and get real rude I don't figure that ...

8. Lotus Flower Bomb (Remix) by nelly

  • Published: Unknown
Lotus Flower Bomb (Remix)

[Intro/Outro:] O.E.M.O 12.24, oh-oh Let me draw that for you Let me paint that picture Let me climb on top of you and get you something I'm Get you something I'm fetching! I wanna make you scream, wanna make your body shake No sound baby, just breath...

9. Do It With My Tounge (Remix) by yg

  • Published: Unknown
Do It With My Tounge (Remix)

Bitch never had it like that Face in the pillow while I eat it from the Bitch never had it like that Face in the pillow while I eat it from the back It ain’t no shame in my game I do it with my tongue Do it with my, do it with my It ain’t no shame in...

10. Impatient (Remix) by jacquees

  • Published: Unknown
Impatient (Remix)

Know your city, what you're used to Know I ain't exactly what you're used to Know you're prolly worried what I'm used to I don't blame you, what you s'posed do? Last time we fucked like it was all night Now you got me thinking 'bout you all night Me ...

11. Lockjaw (Remix) by french montana

  • Published: Unknown
Lockjaw (Remix)

[French Montana:] My nigga on the road You never told me, Montana! [Kodak Black & French Montana:] It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin' Got the big 40 on me so my pants keep fallin' It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep l...

12. Or Nah (Spanish Remix) by anuel aa

  • Published: Unknown
Or Nah (Spanish Remix)

Te gusta como trato mi lengua or nah 69 hasta que tu estés to' moja Vas a escupirme y lamberme este bicho or nah Vas a ponérmela en la cara baby or nah Yo no amo, tú no ama, eso e' real Pero esos ojos me hisieron querer chingar Nadie está tratando am...

13. Don't Lie (Freestyle) by wiz khalifa

  • Published: Unknown
Don't Lie (Freestyle)

Haha - They say I smoke too much I say you can't smoke enough in this bitch - hahaha Uh - OG Kush in my eyelids, high as fuck I'm like wireless Ain't playin the game, I'm not childish Taylor Gang, we the wildest. Takin shots like I'm Irish Goin to sh...

14. Re by rocko

  • Published: Unknown

Remix what you know about that remix...

15. Selling Heroin by gucci mane

  • Published: Unknown
Selling Heroin

Guwop, Wizzop 1017, yeah, yeah [Future:] My watch and my chains is litted My rings and ears sadity Yeah, my watch and bag on Nicki 20 chains on me now 90 bricks on me now We might pass you in a drought He bout to bring they ass out Yeah, yeah, yeah, ...