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1. D-I-E 4 Y-O-U by family force 5

  • Published: Unknown
D-I-E 4 Y-O-U

[Verse 1:] I'd take a bullet for you Bleed all my blood out for you Be taken hostage, under the knife's edge Pay all the ransom for you Do the hard time for you On the front lines for you Bring on the pain, the ball and chain Be executed for you [Pre...

2. Ligne 4 by sexion d assaut

  • Published: Unknown
Ligne 4

[Intro: Maître Gims] Sheitan (Sheitan Sheitan), Les Chroniques de la Capitale, OK, Les Chroniques du 75 (JeryZoos, Maître Gims, Black M, Balisto) [Refrain: MaîtreGims] C'est les Chroniques, c'est vénér Sors du site, fais belek Comme la street, c'est ...

3. 4 All The Suicidalist by esham

  • Published: Unknown
4 All The Suicidalist

Listen 'cause this is the sound of a crucifix The U-N-H-O-L-Y's now in the looser mix Unholy's inside a me so I get homocidous The unholy poetry is for all the suicidalists Just another brother from D-E-T-R-O-I-T I pack a Smith and Wesson 'cause I do...

4. Tell Me What You See by z ro

  • Published: Unknown
Tell Me What You See

[Chorus] Tell me what you see, when you look at me A G that's me, I don't know why I live my life, like I don't care, I don't care Nothing but good intentions, when I started out as a kid Living my life but when it happened, I couldn't understand wha...

5. BoosKaaris #4 Freestyle by kaaris

  • Published: Unknown
BoosKaaris #4 Freestyle

Zongo! Zongo! Booskaaris 4 2.7.Z.E.R.O. Poto Kaaris! Zongo! Zongo! Moi j'ai pas le temps de bouquiner, j'veux faire des sous et roupiller Si tu me dois j'arrive en balle en bas de chez toi outillé Outillé! Si tu me dois j'arrive en balle en bas de ch...

6. B.E.T by schoolboy q

  • Published: Unknown

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q] Most of these niggas shouldn't be next to us We keep our distance from those, those acting like hoes Zany imposed, weed in my clothes, cubics is gold Your wig'll get told, put the realest niggas Niggas, product of cap pillers, ...

7. Show Us Your ID by the presidents of the united states of america

  • Published: Unknown
Show Us Your ID

Hi this is Dave Dederer from The Presidents Of The United States Of America And your listening to.... Alright Seattle Portland Portland San Fransisco Los Angelos New York Tulsa Houston Dallas Pensicola Raleigh Durham Ahh Washington DC Grand Rapids Mi...

8. Can't See Y'all by ace hood

  • Published: Unknown
Can't See Y'all

[Ace Hood:] Ace Hood, homie Gutta, Gutta... Ace Hood... Brisco, let's go Cause I got my cash on check My swag on check Bitches dey love my dick dey need to gizzay no shiit Rollin on dem thangs And ? next Hata blockas is on, they can't tell me shit ca...

9. D-Game (Remix) by silkk the shocker

  • Published: Unknown
D-Game (Remix)

[Chorus:] What's up playa? You looking slick with that Hundred G chain with the bracelet to match Check this out here whodi lay on the ground For I show your clown ass how the hot boys sound They going click click blow, blow click click blow, Click c...

10. Ghetto B.I by method man

  • Published: Unknown
Ghetto B.I

[Method Man] Yeah ha.. we vibin' Channel livin' all day ha c'mon Yo its me the m-e-t-h uh o-d ?? Sniff a whole key My coke deep Be my consciouss tellin me it dont make sense Then guard his nonsense A niggas best defense is his offense So yo I watch p...

11. Prévenez Les Haineux by sexion d assaut

  • Published: Unknown
Prévenez Les Haineux

[Refrain: Lefa] Prévenez les haineux, prévenez prévenez les haineux (yeah!) Prévenez les haineux, prévenez prévenez les haineux (quoi?) Prévenez les haineux, prévenez prévenez les haineux (ah!) Prévenez les haineux, prévenez prévenez les haineux (yea...

12. Friends Turns Foes by lil o

  • Published: Unknown
Friends Turns Foes

[Enjoli talking] Y'all niggaz wanna play with us, we'll woop all you hoe ass niggaz Cock sucking ass niggaz, you wanna talk down If you gon talk down, then grow in your mouth bitch One mo' till you go, me and my niggaz riders Screwed Up guerillas, wi...

13. Plus Qu'un Son by sexion d assaut

  • Published: Unknown
Plus Qu'un Son

[Maska:] Ils s'assoient au dessus des lois normal qu'on trouve qu'elles puent la merde En plus de ça elles puent d'l'haleine elles cachent en elles des trucs amer Comment dire qu'j'ai pas d'regrets quand j'suis déçu des choix qu'j'ai fait J'me plante...

14. Alley by ying yang twins

  • Published: Unknown

[Hook] Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nigga, we be alley My nigga, we alley Nooooooow [D-Roc] Tell a nigga dont act no fool What's up cuz? Stay cool Smoke some mary jane, you know the rules Haters puttin salt in the game Wanna keep a thug out ...

15. Jets @ Your Neck by curren y

  • Published: Unknown
Jets @ Your Neck

Jet life jet life jet life jet life [Verse 1 Curren$y] Yeah, G'r then youv'e ever been and everywhere you never went A decorated veteran My bitches keep it very trill say they swagga jackin daddy I say fuck it baby girl we gon' let him live Too much ...

16. Rep Yo' City by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Rep Yo' City

Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! hah hah! [4X] [Hook: Lil' Jon (Petey Pablo) - 2X] Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!) Rep yo city! Fuck that shit! (Rep yo cityyyy!) Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!) Rep yo city! Fuck that shit! (Rep yo cityyyy!) [Ho...

17. My Money Straight by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
My Money Straight

[Talking: E-40] What's happenin' y'all this E-40 mayne I had to bring back that old school mob sound I had to go get my partna Black C and my nigga Guce Yumtombout, nigga our money is straight, nuggah Beotch! [Hook: Yung Jun] Please hold up me for on...

18. Welcome 2 Houston by slim thug

  • Published: Unknown
Welcome 2 Houston

[Slim Thug:] Slim Thugga, Motherfucker! Now welcome to the city of game, piece of chains and swangs Pop trunk and bang, yeah I'm still here mayne Born and raised on the stead block, braids no dreadlocks Married to the hood me and Sunnywood wedlock Ni...

19. Sexy ABC's And 123's by destorm

  • Published: Unknown
Sexy ABC's And 123's

[Intro:] O, D, Volume, at, Z O, D, Volume, Z O, O, A, E, O, O, O, O, O A, B, I, C, U R, U, N, 2, D I, M, N, 2, U, 2 F, D, #, Return, D, tab 4, I, M, Down 2, C, U, @ [at] 9, 0, 5 &[And], Shift, 2, 4, Play B, 2, E, Z O, K, Home, 2, D, 4, Play 2, 6, A, ...

20. Switch My Style by styles p

  • Published: Unknown
Switch My Style

Yo Supaaa!!! Mariooo G H O S T Give Me A G U N And Some S M O K E I'm On The B L O C K (The Block) Wit My Bad Bitch, She Came From B K Heard About The Work, N They Ran N Told The D A D A Told The Feds How I Had It Out In V A Now I'm On The L O W N It...