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1. Do U Still by east 17

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Still

Do U really love me (do U still love me) Really care Do U really need me (do U still need me) Need me there Do U really want me (do U still want me) Do U dare Do U still care Do you remember the time when you were mine Brighten up my day like a star ...

2. Do U Lie? by prince

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Lie?

(Les enfants qui mentent ne vont pas au paradis) [Translated: The children who lie don't go to paradise] (Ok) Ok, Merci When I lie awake in my boudoir I think of u dear Do u think of me, or do u lie, do u lie? When I'm in a sad and lonely mood dear, ...

3. What Do U Want Me 2 Do? by prince

  • Published: Unknown
What Do U Want Me 2 Do?

I see U picked me out from the crowd Could it be the way I play guitar? Master of the soft, not 2 loud One day, maybe I will be a star I see U picked me out like U want something But shame on U, baby, can't U see this ring? [CHORUS:] What do U want m...

4. Do U Miss Me? by jon b

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Miss Me?

i know u probably got somebody who can come around to fill that need, i know u got your own life and live it and u ain't got to answer to nobody, except yourself and when you re chilin', do u ever think sad thoughts about me doing the same thing? but...

5. Do U Wanna Roll by r l

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Wanna Roll

Something about the west coast That makes me thank the east (East side) It's something about the west coast (Ah, yeah) That makes me thank the east (Help me sing) Say u wanna roll? (Do u wanna roll?) In my '4 And have some fun, baby Let's have some f...

6. Do U by rza

  • Published: Unknown
Do U

[sampled singer singing "Do, Do U" repeats all throughout the song] [Intro: RZA (Method Man)] Come on my niggas, yo.. Put your guns in your right hand and hold it down towards the floor Point all your guns down towards the floor for a minute Yeah, yo...

7. What Do U Want by cassie

  • Published: Unknown
What Do U Want

Let's Go! [Verse 1] I got a crew in every single nation (uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh) You didn't know when you started altercation (uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh) Boy u caused me to much aggravation (oh-no oh-no oh-no oh-no) My hommies want to sit down and hav...

8. Do U Wanna by mint condition

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Wanna

[Spoken:] Another one? Damn, she's fine [Verse:] Now its been seven years And now and then My mind just cuts into the past Thinking why we just didn't git it right to it We had to tear away Because we feared our love was shaking us Our hearts were ta...

9. Where Did U Go? by midnight red

  • Published: Unknown
Where Did U Go?

[Joey:] I'm a boy and you're a girl And my dream's about to end You're in the dark, I know where you are But you're underneath my skin [Thomas:] The way you dance real low, make me follow you slow The way you hold so tight like you need the light But...

10. Do U? by do or die

  • Published: Unknown
Do U?

Huh Yea baby girl, you know how it's going down 2003, Do or Die, J.P., Twista still [Verse 1] Well, when I heard a knock at the door Must of been the girl that I met on the lo She real thick, nice shape 5-4 Had a few here so we head to the show After...

11. Till Death Do Us Part by white lion

  • Published: Unknown
Till Death Do Us Part

As we walk the golden mile Down the pretty aisle I know that you are mine And there's nothin' in this world That I know I wouldn't do To be near you every day Every hour, every minute Take my hand And let me lead the way All through your life I'll be...

12. How We Do Us by kehlani

  • Published: Unknown
How We Do Us

[Verse 1 - Kyle Dion & Kehlani:] Love shouldn't be defined Love is one of a kind What we do is crazy baby All the ways you make me feel The way you do me like that The way you do me like that We just understand what nobody else can You know how to pu...

13. Do U Like What U See by fat pat

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Like What U See

Do you like what you see Tell me what else you done heard about me Is it strange to see, that I be's a G So take it how you want it, take it from that P-A-T Am I a player? Shit, up early in the mornig Tryin to stack me up some paper That Platinum Sou...

14. Do U Dirty by kehlani

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Dirty

Next nigga to fuck with me gon' be stuck with me with his stuck ass. Bitch. What, look. Hold up, l-l-look, no time. Okay? I, I, I, I I, I, I, I Up for hours drinking Posted up, just reflecting on it And I know you won't believe me But babe, I'm cold ...

15. Who Do U Be? by kurupt

  • Published: Unknown
Who Do U Be?

You gonna dissect man (roll this shit) Oh oh oh for the homies, who that? Yeah, it's Kurupt fool Live, Dogg Pound And let all y'all know (know know), we live Yeah Lurupt the raw dogg Dogg Pound Gangsta for life And my own thing, Antra Check this out,...

16. Who Do U Believe In by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
Who Do U Believe In

[Intro: 2Pac] Let us pray Heavenly Father, hear a nigga down here Before I go to sleep Tell me, who do you believe in? Who do you believe in? [Verse One: 2Pac] I see mothers in black cryin, brothers in packs dyin Plus everybody's high, too doped up t...

17. Do U Wanna Ride by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Wanna Ride

[Intro] This is the operator with a collect call from "Emory Jones" To accept the charges, press one now [Jay-Z] Uhh, woo! Emory whattup? Told you I ain't too good with writin letters and all Shit I don't even write rhymes But what I will do I'ma sen...

18. Wot Do U Call It by wiley

  • Published: Unknown
Wot Do U Call It

Mate? You got any of that urban? (Urban, urban, urban) House, do you do garage? Ga-ga-ga-garage Wot do you call it? Garage? Wot do you call it? Garage? Garage Wot do you call it? Urban? Wot do you call it? Urban? Urban Wot do you call it? 2step? Wot ...

19. Do U Remember The Time by jmsn

  • Published: Unknown
Do U Remember The Time

Tell me what would you do. If things had got so complicated. That the lies become true. And the things that made us, now just tear us apart. The feeling you once loved, now rips out your heart. Can we back it up. Back to when we were alive, no worrie...

20. Who Do U Love by deborah cox

  • Published: Unknown
Who Do U Love

Last night I slept alone I stayed at home For the first time since you've been gone babe No friends to understand To lend a helping hand To ease the greatest pain I've ever known How you walked away so easily Still remains a mystery to me Don't you r...