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1. Emergency (911) by jordin sparks

  • Published: Unknown
Emergency (911)

emergency I need you here with me It's a 911 911 It's an emergency Can't you see It's a 911 911 Dying of dance deprivation Emotional starvation I need resuscitation Gettin impatient It's an emergency emergency 911 911...

2. 911 Emergency by gucci mane

  • Published: Unknown
911 Emergency

911 send Emergency...

3. Call 911 by rittz

  • Published: Unknown
Call 911


4. State Of Emergency by skindred

  • Published: Unknown
State Of Emergency

emergency and I'm only dialling cause it's necessary 999 there's an emergency and I'm only calling cause it's necessary These cities are on fire and the pandemonium's getting higher All these cities are on fire and the pandemonium's getting higher State of emergency...

5. Black Tar Cloud by robin thicke

  • Published: Unknown
Black Tar Cloud

911 Emergency 911 Emergency 911 Emergency 911 Emergency 911 Emergency 911 Emergency 911...

6. Riot Girl by good charlotte

  • Published: Unknown
Riot Girl

Emergency call 911 She's pissed off at everyone Police rescue F.B.I She wants a riot she wants a riot She wants a riot she wants a riot Don't you know that all I really want is you Got it all and all I really want is you Emergency call 911...

7. Chin Check by n w a

  • Published: Unknown
Chin Check

911 dispatch 911 forty reporting woman hello 911 help me help me 911 dispatch what is your emergency woman there's someone in my house there's someone in my house 911 dispatch can you please run by your address for me woman 151 Shenedoah Shenendoah 911...

8. Viagra (Skit) by ludacris

  • Published: Unknown
Viagra (Skit)

911 Ladie 9-1-1 WHat's your emergency Ludacris Yes ma'am I got a hard problem I got a hard problem 911 Ladie Calm down sir it can't be that hard OK Ludacris No it can't it can't..It is My dick has been hard for over eight hours and it just won't it just won't go down 911...

9. Mellow Mood by slightly stoopid

  • Published: Unknown
Mellow Mood

911 and it's emergency Lord please guide and protect me Call a 911 and it's emergency...

10. Calling You by kb

  • Published: Unknown
Calling You

911 Operator 911 whats your emergency KB Yes uh I-I gotta friend and uh he's locked himself in the bathroom and I just heard a gun go off and I don't know Sirens in background 911 Operator Okay calm down sir are you able to get inside the room KB Yeah he he's got me locked out 911...

11. Ramona by hopsin

  • Published: Unknown

911 9-1-1 Emergency what's the issue Hopsin Th-this girl she's out she's 911 Wow wow wow relax honey speak to me Hopsin There's this girl outside of my house and she keeps tryna come in 911...

12. She's A Nurse by the presidents of the united states of america

  • Published: Unknown
She's A Nurse

emergency Requires surgery My emergency Requires surgery Mock emergency Requires surgery My emergency...

13. Stutter by the veronicas

  • Published: Unknown

emergency a 911...

14. Dirt Slang by kottonmouth kings

  • Published: Unknown
Dirt Slang

Emergency emergency 911...

15. Call Da Police by akon

  • Published: Unknown
Call Da Police

911 Call da police for me tell them it's a case of emergency Bum bye bye what I see your streets Killa song boy emces get murda Call da police for me tell them it's a case of emergency Call em call em call da police on me Tell em it's a case of emergency...

16. Heart Attack by keri hilson

  • Published: Unknown
Heart Attack

911 it's an emergency can you call them "I don't know what happened oh ok oh my God 911...

17. That's CPR by mc lars

  • Published: Unknown
That's CPR

911 Push hard and fast where in the center of the chest that's CPR Paging Dr Heart Dr Hal-thy Heart Emergency...

18. Power Tools by ray stevens

  • Published: Unknown
Power Tools


19. Steel Magnolia by cypress hill

  • Published: Unknown
Steel Magnolia

Emergency 911...

20. Sweet Rowena by joe bonamassa

  • Published: Unknown
Sweet Rowena

911 no need to come Just cancel my emergency oh my emergency...