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1. Viper (old)

Viper (old)


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2. These Things Take Time (SU Fan Song)

These Things Take Time (SU Fan Song)

So the week of Sardonyx is over and the Crewniverse beat me to the punch with Garnet approaching Pearl about her recent actions (previous to the lying to form sardonyx. I couldn't predict that) I was gonna go all out and make it an awesome wall of sound but seeing as this song is now superfluous, I just did a quick one take demo, seeing as I HAD finished writing it... Lyrics Garnet: Old friend, I know you're hurting You can't pretend that this is working I can see it in your eyes, your smiles are masking cries And your voice breaks when your strength wavers. I know that you've been trying To disagree; that would be lying But the thing that Steven needs is not the same as you or me Didn't Rose love that earth is full of different flavours? Ooooh I can see her in his face too Ooooh Maybe we should do like humans do; And take it a day at a time We've made it this far; I'm sure we'll be just fine. Pearl: Old friend, how do you do it? How do you pretend there's nothing to it? I know you're not alone, but out of everyone I've known You're the only one who lives so freely Both: You have seen as much as I have And we have been to limbo and back Pearl: But Rose, she was my rock, now I've forgotten how to walk Without her absence in my steps Ooooh I can see her in his face Ooooh And it makes me feel so out of place It makes me just want to go home But Rose is the only home I've ever known Garnet: *spoken* I know it's easy for you to say things that you don't really mean when you feel this way. But can you honestly say that if you could bring Rose back, that you would give everything up that you have now? Pearl: *spoken* I... I couldn't... I... I wouldn't! Garnet: Doesn't that boy have so much about him? Pearl: It's hard to believe he's only half gem Garnet: But ain't it a shame that that's the thing that makes us doubt him? When after all, he brought us closer To them (gems or humans idk it's up to you) And that's something not even Rose could do Pearl: Yes I... I suppose that's true... *spoken* Garnet... What do I do now? Garnet: Just take it easy And know that we're on your side; These things take time Pearl: Ooooh, you know, He has never felt her touch, But ooooh I have never known one love so much... Garnet: And that is because of you. And me, and Greg, And Amethyst too And that's what Steven has the power to do, the power to do Pearl: Yes, I know that's true.

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3. Legs and Lungs

Legs and Lungs

recorded with Spritely Records

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4. Viper


AVAILABLE ON BANDCAMP, JUST CLICK BUY!! A re-recording of my song Viper. The previous version I did over three years ago, with my college and have lost the original files, so I figured it was about time I redo it

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5. The Highway Man (Over the Garden Wall Cover)

The Highway Man (Over the Garden Wall Cover)

An extended cover of another awesome Over the Garden Wall song, The Highway Man! Lyrics: I'll knock you out, Drag you off the road, Steal your shoes from off your feet, The Highyway Man, He's gotta make ends meet. I could steal your cart, Your house, face and name, And dogs may bark But wives will think I'm the same But I'm the Highway Man And I don't play that game. I'm a simple soul, With a simple goal: Live another day. I could be so much worse, So heed my next verse, And don't get in my way Because I'll knock you out, And drag you off the road, Steal your shoes from off your feet, I'm the Highway Man And you can bet that I keep things neat. I'm the Highway Man, And I make ends meet.

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6. Sadie (Demo)

Sadie (Demo)

Before anyone gets excited, no, this is not relevant in anyway, shape or form to the Steven Universe character, Sadie. This song is nearly three years old, and reigns true within me now, more so than ever. The struggles of anxiety and depression are a frustrating, exhausting and soul-destroying thing to go through, and to me it continuously feels as though there is a separate consciousness living with in myself, making me second guess my thoughts and actions in practically every setting, so I took this feeling, caused by Social Anxiety Disorder (Ess-Ay-Dee) wrote a song about it and called this consciousness Sadie. A smothering, over-protective pain in the neck.

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7. Gotham City Tango (Demo)

Gotham City Tango (Demo)

This demo is like a year and a half in the making, not because it was a particularly challenging piece to put down, I just kept swanning in and out of interest in it, but I persevered and I am very glad that I did. Someone very important has requested to hear my music, so I'm making the effort to put together a demo album, for him, how exciting.

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8. Over The Garden Wall (cover)

Over The Garden Wall (cover)

One of two covers of songs from the amazing mini-series "Over the Garden Wall"; created by Patrick McHale. I couldn't not pay tribute to this phenomenal animation experience.

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9. Bank at Noon

Bank at Noon

I had to produce a piece of ambient music for a specific time and setting. My prompt was literally "Bank at Noon". Not sure if it's appropriate to its prompt but, I like it anyway

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10. Come Wayward Souls (cover)

Come Wayward Souls (cover)

My second Over the Garden Wall cover, of the somewhat more morbid song "Come Wayward Souls" sung by the Beast as he lulls his victims into an eternal slumber. This was a lot of fun.

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11. (Not) A Robot

(Not) A Robot

***AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE OVER ON BANDCAMP. JUST CLICK BUY*** You hear the phrase "I'm not a robot" a lot, these days, used for fighting the corner of human imperfection. This is a more remorseful take on that statement Lyrics: I am I am not a robot But I But I wish I was All these Troublesome emotions Stand in the Way of what I want I am I am not a robot But I But I wish I was Plug me In like a computer Program What it is you want from me I have many functions I do well in most things But without the gumption I am trapped inside a shell that's so restricting that it stings I am I am not a robot I'm not Fortunate enough With my Body, mind organic I just Haven't got the stuff it takes To reach my potential Like an old ball and chain All of these credentials Would be so much more appealing in a clean metallic brain I am I am not a robot X 4

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12. Love Is Hard (demo)

Love Is Hard (demo)

Often when I take on the task of writing a song it's usually with no other purpose than to further explain the way I feel about something. And this song is about how much easier it is to be away from somebody you love when you never had them beside you in the first place. The actual falling in love part is only the half of it, it's the keeping up with the ups and downs, the missings and wanting-to-be-as-far-away-as-possible-ings that occur as that relationship goes on. Love is hard as hell, even when it is good.

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13. Raindrop Loop - Rough Phone Recording

Raindrop Loop - Rough Phone Recording

I felt a little bad that I don't have anything ready to show you guys from my second year of uni. I will have some proper finalised tracks for you all soon, but in the meantime, I thought I would share this rough, fun little thing I recorded on my phone (which is why the sound quality is not great). The song is performed using a RC50 Looper, all voices are mine. Lyrics: Can you hear the call of raindrops, Raindrops to one another? Reaching out with liquid tendrils, Tendrils to one another? Gliding over window pains, Wash away those awful stains. Playing simple raindrop games With each other.

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14. Bad Little Boy (Adventure Time Cover)

Bad Little Boy (Adventure Time Cover)

This was a fun cover of a song from the Adventure Time episode "Bad Little Boy". Excuse the embarrassing monologue.

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15. I Sleep Naked (rough recording)

I Sleep Naked (rough recording)

Another track to add to my small arsenal of songs written for Uni. I had to write a comedy song, and I recorded for my teacher and the sound quality was surprisingly good, so I though you guys could have it too, seeing as I've been so so so quiet lately! Probably won't post anything before Christmas now, so MERRY CHRISTMAS Lyrics: ever since i first moved out some parts of me have changed when caring for yourself you find your life gets rearranged That is just how these things go Im really not ashamed But when you’re back at mommy’s house you’ll generally be blamed When she thinks its ok to come and wake me up by opening my door and pulling all the covers off But I sleep naked before i moved to London I was living at my dad’s I found I couldn’t function With a case of super-sads Now daddy, bless his heart He thinks I’m still a little girl But when he came to wake me, man I really thought he’d hurl I have things tucked away That he’d rather have not seen But I am not to blame, old man I don’t mean to be mean I just sleep naked Living with a partner yeah you tend to touch each other and its easier to do so without clothes Now, I used to wears pjs that were taken off me most days so I wrote this song so everybody knows It’s a habit and I sleep naked now my house has bed bugs Out of no fault of my own And talking to the landlords like Getting blood out of a stone But he found inspiration he called for extermination Entered rooms without permission for his bed bug killing mission And he came up the stairs To my bedroom’s mezzanine and was really quite confused When boyfriend started to get mean There’s no cause, there’s no right To invade my privacy So don’t hold me responsible If you barge in and see That I sleep naked

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16. You Better Run

You Better Run

And now look what you've done, old friend, I've fallen in for you.

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17. Lullaby


Sweet darlin', Close your eyes, Turn away from the dark blackened skies.

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18. The Message (WIP) (Sampling Experiment)

The Message (WIP) (Sampling Experiment)

Another prompt from uni; we were dangerously armed with the knowledge of using samplers in Logic, so, influenced by the work of Pogo, I took it upon me take samples from the Steven Universe episode "The Message" (it was the only one I had on file). This isn't complete so there will be a finished version in the future, but for now, have this, it's kinda cool

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19. Failure (Cover)

Failure (Cover)

Cover of Laura Marling's "Failure". I own no rights to the song, just this cover :I

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20. Over The Garden Wall Instrumental

Over The Garden Wall Instrumental

As requested by someone on tumblr for further covering purposes

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