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1. Mercy // Amanda Cook

Mercy // Amanda Cook

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5. Pual Ditchfied - Where are they now feature.

Pual Ditchfied - Where are they now feature.

John Webb spoke to Pual Ditchfied (The Bats musician), Paul was a keyboardist, bass guitarist and songwriter with the group The Bats. After leaving the group, Paul recorded a self-penned solo single “I wanna go to Mauritius”, and two duet singles with Jessica Jones. Paul then switched to theatre and television and in 1983 won the Gallo/Dalro award for best performance for his role as Barnum in the musical of the same name. His career has been varied and busy; from Shakespeare through to film and TV dramas. Paul has five children (Tracey-Jane, Warren, Oliver, Keaton and Thomas). He is married to actress/singer Judy Ditchfield (nee Broderick) with who he has two sons (Keaton and Thomas).

nothing at of , which is

6. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Interviews (Denis Leary, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone)

  • Published: 2012-06-11T21:52:43Z
  • By kaisacco
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Interviews (Denis Leary, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone)

DENIS LEARY 0.44 – Leary talks about the experience of working on a Marvel movie. 2.08 – He addresses rumors of his character appearing in the potential sequel [MINOR SPOILERS] 2.36 – Leary talks about watching the other Spider-Man movies. 3.02 – He talks about being more of a Batman fan and how he would have loved to be in one of Nolan’s Batman films. 3.41 – Leary talks about his disdain for Superman. He also shares his thoughts on Michael Keaton as Batman and how much he loves Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader. 4.10 – He talks about how Andrew Garfield plays the role of Peter Parker. 5.08 – Leary talks about being type casted as the ‘tough guy’ in Hollywood. 6.27 – He talks about Emma Stone improvising some of her scenes and praises both she and Garfield as actors. 8.06 – I ask Leary if grabbed any inspiration for his character from the Batman universe seeing as that’s his favorite superhero. 9.47 – He talks about why or why not this reboot is essential. 10. 17 – Leary talks about how Andrew Garfield and Rhys Ifans played their characters. 10.39 – He talks about what his favorite scene was to shoot. [MAJOR SPOILERS] 11:10 – Leary talks about how funny Rhys Ifans is. 11:50 – He talks about how long they were in production for. 12:44 – Leary talks about what his kids think about him being in a Spider-Man movie. 14.23 – He talks about projects he would like to do as well as those he’s already done. 15.57 – Leary shares his thoughts on “Men in Black III” and Tommy Lee Jones in 3-D. ANDREW GARFIELD 17.13 – Garfield talks about being a Spider-Man fan. 18.16 – He talks about his approach to the role. 19.18 – Garfield talks about whether or not he got to keep one of the Spider-Man suits from the movie. 19.41 – He shares his thoughts on how Spider-Man would fare in Miami and in the desert. 20.29 – Garfield talks the movie’s practical effects. 21.21 – I ask Garfield if the variation of Peter Parker he plays in the movie is the same as the one he envisioned as a child and young adult. 23.43 – He talks about honoring the character as Stan Lee had written him. 25.14 – Garfield talks about the pressure of doing the Spider-Man role justice. 26.38 – He talks about a deleted scene he has with Emma Stone. 27.17 – Garfield talks about which character he relates to more. 28.25 – He talks about what his favorite scene was to shoot. He then goes on to talk about a scene that he brought forth to Marc Webb that actually ended up making the final cut of the movie. 30.00 – Garfield talks about how much stunt work he had to do. EMMA STONE 31.48 – Stone talks about winning her first Trailblazer Award. 32.16 – She talks about why or why not this reboot is essential. 33.00 – Stone talks about Mary Jane Watson in future installments. 33.42 – She talks about her chemistry with Andrew Garfield. 34.28 – Stone talks about attending midnight showings for Raimi’s Spider-Man films. She goes on to talk about the differences between her Gwen versus the one in “Spider-Man 3”. 35.35 – She talks about Gwen’s relationship with Peter Parker. [MINOR SPOILERS] 36.31 – I ask Stone if Gwen was always intended to be a strong, empowered woman or if it was something she brought forward to director Marc Webb. 38.14 – She talks about what the most difficult thing for her to shoot was. [MINOR SPOILERS] 38.58 – Stone talks about what her favorite scene to shoot was. 39.33 – She talks about being a big Gilda Radner fan. 40.12 – Stone talks about how her dream was to always be on Saturday Night Live. 40.47 – She talks about her upcoming projects and gives us an update on “Gangster Squad”. 41.05 – Stone tells us a story about Sean Penn and what it was like working with Ryan Gosling again.

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