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1. P&P 1.5 by kendrick lamar

  • Published: Unknown
P&P 1.5

and caught that flat in the [?] flats And it made me think when another car blinked to change locations where we at We often get lost in the ever-hard bottle when attempt to ignore pain problem and sorrow Just for a minute then back to the bullshit Your car now due and...

2. 1-900-Master P by master p

  • Published: Unknown
1-900-Master P

And Big Ed got that 9 trigger ready to pull And Silkk will put your teeth in the dirt fool And C-Murder don't give a fuck about a nigga dude And...

3. 5 Minute Freshen Up by ryan leslie

  • Published: Unknown
5 Minute Freshen Up

And I made the beat I’m talkin A to Z The fresh prince of New York she my Jada P And when we movin they snapping pictures like Jay & B We on the internet hoppin up out that AMG And...

4. I Got 5 On It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix) by luniz

  • Published: Unknown
I Got 5 On It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix)

and heard Yuk and Knum said I gotta be down Cause new styles is goin down look around you Tunes from the Lunz spreadin round and round you Back to get my O on they let me flow on The thirty-five on it yeah I'm on it Still bringin satin for them drawers Velvet for the mic and...

5. That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.) by murs

  • Published: Unknown
That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.)

and everybody tryin to battle me Chorus And that's on me Niggaz stay fuckin with my crew Stand on the side watchin bitin everything we do And that's on me Ain't nobody do it like this Rock the mic around the world with no jewels on my wrist And...

6. Me And You by silkk the shocker

  • Published: Unknown
Me And You

and Silkk Chorus Silkk Me and you I always thought we'd be together I shoulda known nuttin last forever And see I, destiny we can't shape it Even thought I wonder why we die I can't question fate Me and you I always thought we'd be together I shoulda known nuttin last forever And...

7. Bitches And Money by master p

  • Published: Unknown
Bitches And Money

and money Master P and DJ scratching Life...ain't...nothing...but...b-bitch...bitches and money Hook Life ain't nothin but bitches and money Bitches and money Life ain't nothin but bitches and money Bitches and...

8. 1,000 O'Clock by aesop rock

  • Published: Unknown
1,000 O'Clock

and hawing‘ll haunt your boiler rooms abysmally And kidnap rapid eyes in their infancy Everything his cutting room scrapped On a silver screen that throws gummy bears back attack All these tribes hoard breads and wines These climates transform men to swine All these hives hide knives and...

9. D.O.P.E by gunplay

  • Published: Unknown


10. I Got 5 On It by luniz

  • Published: Unknown
I Got 5 On It

and higher Kinda broke so ya know all I got's five I got five Verse 1: Yukmouth Player give me some brew and...

11. D.O.P.E by jon bellion

  • Published: Unknown

And I never win in Mario Kart because cause she always cheats Oh but that is okay because she's D.O.P.E I have two parking tickets she has forty-three And all my friends they love her she drinks more than me And...

12. I Got 5 On It (Reprise) by luniz

  • Published: Unknown
I Got 5 On It (Reprise)

and weirdos That be fuckin off the land like Where tha bomb at Give me 2 bucks you take a puff and...

13. N.Z.H.I.P.H.O.P by nesian mystik

  • Published: Unknown

and lycrisist take refudge and just listen in Donald Death by own admission ain't accountable for those who listen Or those who can envision the picture that I spit for all BBoys Turntablists Emcees Beatboxers and...

14. Master P by cyhi the prynce

  • Published: Unknown
Master P

and Grey Poupon Cause the scent was way too strong Back when bread got caught and...

15. Till We Meet Again (R.I.P by the game

  • Published: Unknown
Till We Meet Again (R.I.P

And look how them niggas did you Homie stretched out retaliation is sketched out And we at it to the day's end Bustin on my enemies til it cave in And to my brother face and my homie slim roo You know I got this And...

16. I Got 5 On It (Original) by luniz

  • Published: Unknown
I Got 5 On It (Original)

And Weirdos That Be Fuckin Off The Land Like Where Tha Bomb At Give Me Two Bucks You Take A Puff And...

17. #1 Crew In The Area by mack 10

  • Published: Unknown
#1 Crew In The Area

And just roll all over the town on 20 inch wheels and just brag all about the mils I made on mic skills I slang and do my thang keepin niggas on amp It's Mack 10 kickin shit from the Hoo-Bangin camp K-Mac Haha nigga I just wake up and ball y'all Whattup K-Mac Comrade criminals and...

18. P.E by puff daddy

  • Published: Unknown

and Shyne bring Bad Boy more cream Uncut hits nigga lyrical morphine The overboss fuck the cost I ford it Next year number 1 on the Forbe's list motherfuckas Chorus The hoes the clothes the cars the loot Public Enemy Number One The plaques and...

19. 1, 2, 3 by field mob

  • Published: Unknown
1, 2, 3

and give me a break please Start writin ya rhymes yaself as a matter of fact Here's a mirror and a map go and...

20. 1 More Body by kottonmouth kings

  • Published: Unknown
1 More Body

and I'm driven by evil And the only thing I'm driving is a knife in your spine I'll cull a hundred times like I'm stuck in rewind screaming Verse 7: Jamie Madrox of Twiztid I don't want to be one more body Two dead and kin left again to party I run an axe like a lumberjack And...