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1. Ride On 4's by j dawg

  • Published: Unknown
Ride On 4's

ride on 4's when we ride...

2. Swang On 4's by z ro

  • Published: Unknown
Swang On 4's

[Big Moe] Swingers, and droppers, Southside We're gonna ball baby, living so lavishly And you know that I'll, grab and break Wreckshopping all night long baby Swing on 4's with me Swing 4's with me, come roll with me As the po-po, cause I'ma flow the...

3. Ride On 'Em by lil zane

  • Published: Unknown
Ride On 'Em

ride by do a lil drive by But they just dont know how But we about to show em when the pistol backfire and them niggas gone die And we gone ride on em ride on em And we gone ride on em ride...

4. Get Yo Ride On by mack 10

  • Published: Unknown
Get Yo Ride On

ride on Chorus Ride for me I'ma ride for you you Hoo-Bang I Hoo-Bang so we all a crew get yo ride on get yo slide on who the best nobody rides like these killas from the west Ride for me I'ma ride for you you Hoo-Bang I Hoo-Bang so we all a crew get yo slide on get yo ride...

5. Bussin' 2'a - 4's by young pappy

  • Published: Unknown
Bussin' 2'a - 4's

Wait Hold on I be on the pole where its too cold (Where its freezing) I be on the pole too turned bussin' two 4's (Where my brother Dutty at) Its two of everything for my brother so I got two hoes (Where Dutty at) We got all these poles On the road d...

6. Ride Wit Me by nelly

  • Published: Unknown
Ride Wit Me


7. For My Gangsta's by z ro

  • Published: Unknown
For My Gangsta's

ride on the steel Thet Government will kill us here glossing and flossing all day in Devilles God forgive us influence the kids to hop on the blocks and do what we did But now in reverse this how the ghetto world spins Sitting back in foreign cars with the screens falling Purple juice is how we ride...

8. Let's Get Down by bow wow

  • Published: Unknown
Let's Get Down

ride Hop in the wip Chorus BABY Ay now i'm about to test ya p's lil bow wow uh-huh See lil one ova there She bout 25 and she been lookin at cha Pull ova there in ya ride...

9. Ride For Me by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
Ride For Me

ride for keeps I know you shy but please reply Would you ride for me Chorus - 2Pac Tell me baby Would you ride 4 me Bust on them mothafuckas when they lie 2 me Now don't you ever tell a lie just confide in me Would you die 4 me Tell me baby would you ride 4 me Tell me baby would you ride...

10. Ride 4 U by shy glizzy

  • Published: Unknown
Ride 4 U

ride for you How many gon ride Boy they gon slide for you Is somebody gon die for you Tell me is they gon slide girl I ain't going to lie to you I ain't really got time for you But I'm really gon ride yea Girl I'm gon ride for you I'm really gon ride for you I told my bitch I'm gon ride...

11. Down 4 My Niggas by snoop dogg

  • Published: Unknown
Down 4 My Niggas

ride for my niggas what I die for my niggas fuck them other niggas what Fuck them other niggas cause I'm down for my niggas what Fuck them other niggas cause I'm down for my niggas what Fuck them other niggas I ride...

12. EST 4 Life by machine gun kelly

  • Published: Unknown
EST 4 Life


13. Ride 4 Me by gudda gudda

  • Published: Unknown
Ride 4 Me

ride for me I ride for you each other's what we kill for And she gon ride for me stay by my side for me She rock and roll with me we going straight to the top She back it up and make it drop And she gon ride...

14. Gangsta Shit's Like A Drug by mack 10

  • Published: Unknown
Gangsta Shit's Like A Drug

ride and live for the hood to show my love repeat singing This gangsta shit is like a motherfuckin gangsta drug Crips and Bloods ooooh repeat Verse Two Squeak-Ru I got to bang on my enemy I got make sure they know they ain't afraid of me So I'm gon ride...

15. Ride For This by fabolous

  • Published: Unknown
Ride For This

Ride for this Where my niggas at get high to this Where ya'll at Die for this Throw guns up to the sky for this Where ya'll at Ride...

16. Hated On Mostly by crime mob

  • Published: Unknown
Hated On Mostly

ride Verse 4: Psyco Blac We gonna ride...

17. We On Fire by hot boys

  • Published: Unknown
We On Fire


18. What U Scared 4 by juvenile

  • Published: Unknown
What U Scared 4


19. When We Ride by lil keke

  • Published: Unknown
When We Ride

ride man Southside Northside sing it Hook Z-Ro When we ride...

20. Dogg Pound 4 Life by tha dogg pound

  • Published: Unknown
Dogg Pound 4 Life

ride glide dippin and slide as I take you on a trip make a ride...